Windsor Business Magazine Distribution

A magazine for every business in Windsor, Essex County & Chatham/Kent.

Windsor Life Magazine is direct mailed to every business in Windsor, Essex County and Chatham/Kent through Canada Post.

Windsor Life Magazine is hand delivered to over 54,000 selected homes, condos and apartments in Windsor/Essex County through Canada Post. These homes are selected based on their having middle to higher average household income.

Windsor Life Magazine is also delivered to over 2,400 homes in Chatham/Kent through Canada Post, targeted to homes with middle to above average income.

2,500 are distributed through racks in participating Home Hardware locations in Windsor/Essex County, as well as major Hospitals.

At over 70,000, Windsor Life Magazine is by far the largest editorial publication in the area.


A magazine for the best home addresses in Windsor, Essex County & Chatham/Kent.


Over and above our distribution, Windsor Life Magazine is also available to be read on-line through its website or its FREE app on iTunes.


We hit the addresses that you want to be in. We are read by YOUR current and potential customers.

Windsor Life Magazine is also available for free pick up through racks in following locations in Windsor and Essex County:

Essex - Home Furnishings – Highway 3

Essex - Home Hardware Building Centre – 47 Wilson Ave

Harrow - Home Hardware Building Centre – 2444 County Rd. 20

Kingsville - Home Hardware Building Centre – 226 Main St. W.

Lakeshore - Salon Utopia – 486 Advance Blvd.

LaSalle - Reaume Chevrolet – 500 Front Rd.

Leamington - Home Hardware – 114 Erie St. N.

Leamington District Memorial Hospital – 194 Talbot St. W.

McGregor - Home Hardware – 9529 Walker Rd.

Tecumseh - Home Hardware Building Centre – 1613 Lesperance Rd.

Tecumseh - Johnny Shotz – 13037 Tecumseh Rd. E.
Tecumseh - Swiss Chalet – 500 Manning Rd.

Tilbury - Home Hardware – 47 Mill St. E.

Windsor - Coulter's Furniture – 1324 Windsor Ave.

Windsor - Gray Home Hardware Building Centre – 700 Tecumseh R. W.
Windsor - Kelsey's – 4115 Walker Rd.

Windsor - Riverside Home Hardware – 8165 Wyandotte St. E.

Windsor - Seminole Home Hardware – 3930 Seminole St.
Windsor - Swiss Chalet – 4550 Walker Rd.

Windsor - Tourist & Convention Centre – 333 Riverside Dr. W.

Windsor - Train Station Fitness – 10700 Tecumseh Rd. E.

Windsor - Yorktown Home Hardware – 1355 Grand Marais W.

Windsor Regional Hospital, Metropolitan Campus – 1995 Lens Ave., Windsor

Windsor Regional Hospital, Ouellette Campus –  1030 Ouellette Ave.


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MadetoShadeAdvertising Testimonial

Windsor Life has been an integral part of our advertising budget from day one. Here at Made to Shade we have had great success with advertising in a magazine that reaches all of Windsor Essex County. We always ask our new clients how they have heard of us and 9 times out of 10 it is... “We saw your ad in Windsor Life.” We appreciate all the attention and care that goes into every ad and article. It is that attention to detail that gives us an immediate response of increased phone calls with every release of a Windsor Life issue. It is by far our best form of advertising. All of us at Made to Shade would like to thank everyone at Windsor Life Magazine for the expertise and professionalism that goes along with all the ads and articles. Windsor Life Magazine is a very successful publication that is put together by a very talented group of people. We look forward to working together for many, many more years. Thank you! 


Michael Campoli, Made To Shade


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