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Five Fantastic Reasons Why
In Honour of The Ones We Love
Can Perform Its Vital Work

Story by Karen Tinsley 
Photography Courtesy In Honour of the Ones We Love

In Honour of the Ones We Love (In Honour) is a family affair. Anita and Sergio Imperioli, daughters Tina Caviedes, Laura Imperioli and devoted lifelong family friend Teresa Silvestri are not medical professionals, scientists or researchers. However, they each consider themselves “experts by experience” who are totally committed to transforming community healthcare in Windsor Essex. 

Founded in 1997 to bridge local treatment, equipment and service gaps and inspire support to fund lifesaving and life-changing initiatives, In Honour is marking its quarter century of service this year. Anita says, “It’s a perpetual challenge to keep In Honour up close, personal and in the hearts and minds of our potential and existing supporters. We are just one of 86,000 Canadian registered charities. Everyone on our team understands that we must stand out in a crowded, busy landscape.” 

External factors (such as the economic downturn of 2008, the aftermath of 9/11 and the pandemic) have negatively impacted the ability of charities to keep their lights on, doors open and donations coming in. 

As Founder, Anita’s duties can range from unpacking boxes of event supplies to taking phone calls and responding to emails, from administration to media relations or public appearances—and then some. She has collaborated with doctors, nurses, social workers, caregivers, hospitals, hospices and all types of businesses.

Left to right: Chris and Tina Caviedes, Anita and Sergio Imperioli, Laura Imperioli and Fabio Petrilli.

While roles and responsibilities in for-profit businesses are usually clearly defined, at In Honour the lines blur, as do the working hours. Sometimes the workday starts before the sun comes up; other times, it ends well after the sun sets. The one constant is that each day is a whirlwind of activity. 

“We have no titles, we just do whatever needs to be done together, as a team. I feel so fortunate to be involved not only with my mom, but also my kids Angelina and Alessia,” Tina says. “Like my sister and me, they’ve been helping out at every event since they were little.”   

Anita adds, “I know I can ask the team to do anything because they each understand what they’re there for: to help in any way needed. It takes a special kind of person to do what they do.”

And it’s not just about raising money, even though that’s a core priority. 

Anita’s daughter Laura says, “In Honour couldn’t change lives without the generosity of each and every one of our supporters.”

Teresa and Leo Silvestri.

In this age of instant information and constant communication, publicizing the mission and efforts of In Honour in print, broadcast and social media is essential. So is a professional, up-to-date website. But by the same token, while social media, email and the internet are absolutely critical to any viable business today, connecting face-to-face is even more critical for non-profit fundraising organizations. 

Teresa, one of the most familiar faces of In Honour says, “With donors, sponsors and volunteers, cultivating and nurturing good relationships is key. It’s a lot harder to attract a new supporter than it is to keep an existing one. Which means staying in touch with people. Relationships thrive with regular contact.” 

If Anita and Teresa are the most familiar faces of In Honour, Sergio Imperioli is the behind-the-scenes unsung hero. That’s because “he’s the wind beneath our wings. We know we can rely on him no matter what,” says Anita. 

“Being surrounded by passionate people means a positive impact on every facet of In Honour and its day-to-day operations.”

Over the past 25 years, state of the art, compassionate healthcare has become the hallmark of In Honour. And the team is committed to continuing this tradition into the next 25 years and beyond. In Honour is one of the things that makes Windsor Essex “home” for everyone in our community. We all benefit.

Anita concludes “So, what does the In Honour team do? The short answer is everything and we love every minute!”

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