Natural Beauty

After all these years, Steve Biro is still searching for the perfect shot.

Evoking The Tuscan Esthetic

One local couple decided to shorten the distance by bringing the sun-drenched Italian region to their home.

Danielle Campo-McLeod

Danielle Campo-McLeod’s parents realized something was different about her when she was still an infant. “When I was 15...

Hockey Night In Windsor

When it comes to talent, Windsor is a startlingly diverse community. Artists. Athletes. Entertainers. Entrepreneurs...

The United Snakes

It’s hard to believe, but one of Windsor’s oldest and most established bands is still going strong….and mostly with its...

Curling Magic

It was another kind of dream on ice when father-daughter Phil Daniel and Laura Beneteau teamed up during the recent...

A Home of Impeccable Taste

A breathtaking traditional 3,600 square foot sanctuary, custom-
designed and built by Windsorland Homes.

Breaking Echoes

“I had always wanted my own studio,” Chase states. “But, when I was 15, studio time was very expensive. So, I heard...

A Gift From The Gods

What does it take to stand the test of time as a musician? Is it grit, signing with a record label, or producing...

Songs From The Spiritbox

If living in and embracing the 80s turned your blood neon, then MELØ would glow like the sun.

The Rock of Gibraltar

Some places capture our imagination. Some places are so jaw-dropping, so awe-inspiring, that they demand an explanation.

The Tea Party

Thirty years ago, on June 29th, 1990 the Tea Party was born at The Coach and Horses in Windsor, Ontario.

Bronze Finish

A few months ago, Windsor’s medical community was dealt a staggering blow when the bust of Jeanne Mance was stolen from...

The True Provençal Life 

For avid travellers Pam and Bill Seney, the slow “provençal” life proved to be a true delight in experiencing the...

Living on a Lighted Stage

The paradoxes inherent in creating art are never more apparent than they are in acting.

Engine No. 7: The “Elcombe”

History helps us appreciate what we have today. We believe in preserving our history and having it for the future.

Notes From a Stranger

A small act of kindness can make someone’s day or even save someone’s life; this is the motto that drove co-founders...

Man Cave on Steroids

An Upscale Fun Zone for Friends and Family

Stephen Gibb

A visit to Stephen Gibb’s website/online gallery is like a stroll through a nightmare carnival of leering faces—some...

The Ambassador Bridge

She’s a grand ole’ dame who stands in aquatic glory and a beacon to mariners and landlubbers for almost a hundred years.

The Best Kind of Positive

People with courage and creativity are finding ways to make the best of this unprecedented situation by taking positive...

Summer Staycation

“This year, people aren’t able to travel like they used to,” the wife says. “We are happier than ever that we have this...

Local Live Theatre Matters!

Korda Artistic Productions—a home-grown theatre company dedicated to offering extraordinary live shows that are...

Fighting Spirit

When you enter the ring, local fighter T.J. Laramie states, everything has a way of melting away. “You could never...

Family Bond

There are few things more powerful than the bond between family members. Well, other than a 496 Chevy Big Brock crate...

Determined Transformation

When Mara Hall looked out the window of her Leamington farmhouse, she didn’t see a barn on the other side of the...

A Whole New School of Thought

Kent Walker is a man that dwells in two worlds. On the one hand, he’s firmly rooted in academia. For the last 11 years...

The Pizza City You’ve Never Heard Of

Athens has the Parthenon. Paris has the Arc de Triomphe. Windsor has its pizza.

Turki Ayash

Many of us remember larking our way through our high school CPR lessons. The exercise mats. The pale, featureless...

Four Pieces of Advice

In a community with as many stars as Windsor and Essex County, few shine brighter than Dr. Richard Peddie.

A Family Affair

For most people, the house on the shore of Lake St. Clair would have been a perfectly livable dwelling—a single story home built nearly half a century ago, with its sandy beach, beautiful surroundings and spectacular...

Molly Ferdinand

“I come from two families: my father and mother’s families, both were very musical,” Molly says. “I played piano at age four and always had something in my hands to play, whether I could or not! Family gatherings...

The True Provençal Life 

For avid travellers Pam and Bill Seney, the slow “provençal” life proved to be a true delight in experiencing the beauty found in the French countryside. 

Erica Fryer

Ten years ago, 14-year-old Erica Fryer of Amherstburg told us, “I’m hoping hockey can be part of my life for a long time…I also hope to play goal for one of the women’s professional teams.”

The Art of the Luthier

David Radlin has built and repaired guitars for fifteen years. His love of music, his involvement with it, goes back to the beginning of his life.

Flying High

There was nothing conventional about Amherstburg’s James Heugh’s entrance into acrobatics ten years ago, and the success he has achieved since then.

Skating Her Way Towards Nationals

When asked if she is nervous for the Special Olympics Canada Winter Games, Breanna Williams didn’t skip a beat when she said, “no!”