Fighting Spirit

When you enter the ring, local fighter T.J. Laramie states, everything has a way of melting away. “You could never...

Curling Magic

It was another kind of dream on ice when father-daughter Phil Daniel and Laura Beneteau teamed up during the recent...

Nature On A Grand Scale

The gorgeous cacti garden growing in the desert heat of his North Las Vegas home is nothing like the flower beds...

Tyrone Crawford

Every kid who plays a sport dreams about becoming a professional athlete. Windsor native, Tyrone Crawford, made the...

A Collective Impact

Our freshwater biodiversity in the Great Lakes is in danger.

Yvonne Pilon and Sarah Davidson

Few individuals embody Windsor’s entrepreneurial spirit more completely than friends Yvonne Pilon and Sarah Davidson.

McKenna Lumley

Few young people are as remarkable—or have endured as much—as Windsor’s Mckenna Lumley. When she was four years old...

Less Is More

uncluttered spaces. This stunning new Windsor home ticks all the boxes. 

Rolling Through Life

It’s difficult to describe Jakob Skrzypa's short film Balls! to the uninitiated.

Darren Jones

Windsorite Darren Jones first moved to Chicago at the age of 30 to pursue a corporate career. What he did not...

Living on a Lighted Stage

The paradoxes inherent in creating art are never more apparent than they are in acting.

There Will Be Fish

There Will Be Fish originates from deep within the heart and mind of Peter Hrastovec.  

Rising Star

Chelsey Danfield’s life changed forever when her grandfather bought her a bedazzled jean skirt with a matching vest...

What’s Past is Prologue

There is a phenomenon in the Town of Tecumseh that is reasonably new: rush hour. 

A Magical Cirque Christmas

With his wife’s ankles locked around his neck, a muscular man on roller skates spins around and around until the couple...

Molly Ferdinand

“I come from two families: my father and mother’s families, both were very musical,” Molly says. “I played piano at age...

Music From Another Realm

Opera Singer Amelia Daigle Soars to the Heights of Her Voice Story by Matthew St. AmandPhotography by Heather Taylor...

A Trip 35 Years in the Making

Pam and Bill Seney have been travelling together since the early days of their marriage as a way to see what the world...

Gas of Tank

“The sounds of a jail brawl are unique in nature…”

Take Me To The River

Expertly renovated, passionately redesigned and furnished with flair, this exceptional Amherstburg homestead is a place...

Shaping a Waterfront Space

The Emeryville waterfront property offered a blank, rectangular canvas of nearly one acre in size.

The Thrill of the Race

Julia Lane began collecting a list of achievements and awards in competitive swimming in 2014, and she’s not done...

Nick Harris

When asked if he ever dreamed of being named a Rhodes Scholar, Windsor native Nick Harris replied: “There was a time...

Look Who’s Cooking At Home

Readily admitting “I love to eat but I’m not someone who was gifted with the joy of cooking or really even any skill...

Innovative Community

“My older brother took the Biomedical Engineering Technology program as well,” Bryce explains. “I used to look over his...

Adventure Begins

On Thursday, July 4th, Alley Begin and her husband Marcel set off for unknown shores. Metaphorically, of course. Alley...

To The Max

He is potentially the greatest canine police officer the OPP has ever had.

The Rock of Gibraltar

Some places capture our imagination. Some places are so jaw-dropping, so awe-inspiring, that they demand an explanation.

Man On A Minefield

When listening to 17 year old Brett Brochu, a goalie for the London Knights, describe the role, it sounds like a high...

Beach Grove Golf & Country Club Centennial: Modern Times

A rumor persists that mobster, Al Capone, visited Beach Grove and possibly stayed the night in one of the rooms...

 Jaclyn Cordeiro

Just minutes into our interview, we knew there was something very special about Jac Cordeiro.

Theo Johnson

It’s almost impossible to believe that the nimble figure, number 84, in the college football highlight reel is six-foot-six, two hundred sixty pounds—leaps above opposing players covering him, mid-field, and snatching a...

Krazy Kenny

‘Krazy Kenny’ Koekstat (born on June 15) is a Gemini man.

Russ Macklem

Master jazz man, trumpeter, composer, performer Russ Macklem says that his relationship with the trumpet had a rocky start. 

Roadmap of the Soul

Sonia Palleck’s powerful four-book series, Leave the Little Light On, tells the story of Athena Brkovich, a precocious young girl who navigates a gauntlet of trauma through her childhood, teen years, young adulthood, up...