Beyond Ordinary

Story by Karen Tinsley
Photography by Eric Weingarden

Almost a quarter of the way through the 21st century, after a vicious cycle of uncertainty, our world has finally regained some semblance of normal. Could it be due, in part, to a heightened focus on making our home our haven? 

Situated in the peaceful, upscale Timbercreek neighbourhood of Kingsville, this stunning ‘mid-century-with-a-touch-of-modern minimalism’ masterpiece is just steps away from all downtown has to offer, where award-winning wineries, fine restaurants and charming shops await. The home is also just minutes from the scenic views of world-famous Point Pelee National Park. 

Creator Troy Torreon, founder and CEO of Torreonland Design + Build says, “Imagine, at the end of a long day, experiencing the anticipation and joy that comes from being able to say, ‘This is my home’.”  

Organic architecture (which promotes harmony between human habitation and the natural world) inspires and influences every aspect of design in this house of stone and light.

Lots of large windows and white details are hallmarks in this welcoming space. Troy loves to use natural light, “which explains why I love oversize windows,” he laughs. “It’s wonderful to wake up in the morning to see the sun shining through your living spaces.”

Whether natural or simulated, lighting is one of the most important features of a home. It’s almost impossible to have too much of it; many homes don’t have enough. It can really liven up a space, serving as a functional work of art. 

High quality, controlled LED lighting and automation allow for customized lighting in every area of this home, any time of the day or night.

For many of today’s modern home designers, “bringing the outside in” is considered fundamental, as are state-of-the-art smart home technology and sustainable building practices.   

There are many environmental factors to be considered, such as the orientation of the sun, wind direction and water levels to name three. 

Since this home was designed in the mid-century modern style, that motif was kept top of mind in the selection of artwork, furniture and fixtures.  

In the Great Room, the unique curved, molded chairs draped with monogrammed throws add depth. The oatmeal sectional sofa, woven area rug and built-in fireplace radiate warmth. ‘Big Art’ above the fireplace, the rectangular marble coffee table with books and magazines as well a vase of faux green hydrangeas radiates modern elegance. 

With respect to décor, “art is a mood creator; it can promote positive energy, comfort and calm. A great way to keep up with the latest décor trends is to visit home and design shows,” adds Troy.

Artwork is also a perfect way to incorporate richness, whether as an accent or as the centerpiece for a space.

And according to top designers, ‘Big Art’ is back. The Gallery Wall trend is finally fading, because more and more homes are being designed with two-storey spaces (perfect for hanging huge art pieces and a wonderful way to infuse lots of life to a room).

Another reason why ‘Big Art’ is back? Decision fatigue. It’s far easier to choose one large work than multiple smaller pieces.

Chrome, steel and aluminum accents are everywhere in this home, evoking a bright, gleaming aesthetic throughout: from exquisite metal light fixtures to the library table to the Eames chair in the master bedroom to the metal and canvas patio chairs.   

In general, metals amplify whatever vibe a space is already emulating. After years of gold and black dominating metal hardware and accessory finishes, bright aluminum and silver are gaining popularity. Brushed or textured metals (like the library table and Eames chair) give a more polished, sophisticated feel.

When it comes to staircases, one of the biggest decisions that homeowners and designers face is whether to choose open-riser or closed-riser stairs. 

The absence of solid risers allows light to pass through the stairs, creating the illusion of more space, making the area feel brighter and more open.

Open-riser stairs are also less visually heavy, allowing the eye to flow through the structure.

Another advantage of open-riser stairs is that they can be designed to match space and style aesthetics. This flexibility allows open-riser stairs to complement and enhance the existing decor in a room rather than detract from it. They seem particularly well-suited to mid-century modern style. 

Even though this home is abundant in natural light, sometimes regular travel or busy lifestyles can make fresh flowers, plants and greenery impractical. When fresh just isn’t possible, blooms of the everlasting variety have come a long way in terms of looking and feeling real. Throughout the house of stone and light, unexpected varieties of dried arrangements abound, adding colour, texture and pizzaz. 

Sleek, modern kitchens appear to be here to stay. You may use your air fryer every day, but do you really want to look at it on your countertop? Kitchen design has been taken to a new level with custom touches such as hidden outlets and drawers for those who want to stash toasters, coffee makers and crockpots out of sight. In this kitchen, dramatic pendant lamps, “cream-and-chrome” oversize mid-century modern bar chairs, built-in appliances and creative lighting converge to generate a bright, sunny space for culinary adventures or simply scrambling eggs. 

In the dining area, a splendid statement chandelier, big comfy Parson’s chairs and more ‘Big Art’ beckon.

Pale turquoise under-cabinet lighting in the master bathroom evokes a slightly tropical vibe; more ‘Big Art’, large, linear overhead vanity lighting and a soaker tub set against marble walls and floors establish a spa-like atmosphere.

Perfect for spring/summer/early fall outdoor entertaining, the spacious patio and pool area is also perfect for after work cocktails, at-home date nights or just chilling out with coffee and your favourite magazine. Tiled brick, a stone fire pit and giant upholstered patio seating brings the cozy comfort of the indoors outside.

There’s something incredibly unique and just plain cool about the way all the details come together to infuse this bespoke home with life and vitality. 

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