Dakoda Shepley

ask him to repeat that. Dakoda laughs.  “That’s the size of some of the receivers on my team.”

Writing Home for the Holidays

Windsor Life Revisits Some Very Interesting Stories From Years Past

Curling Magic

It was another kind of dream on ice when father-daughter Phil Daniel and Laura Beneteau teamed up during the recent...

Octagon Origins

Kyle Prepolec wears a UFC t-shirt because he has stepped into the octagon multiple times.

A Magical Cirque Christmas

With his wife’s ankles locked around his neck, a muscular man on roller skates spins around and around until the couple...

Corona Virus Came To Town

Children’s author, Pam Stradeski’s latest book, Corona Virus Came to Town, has the deceptively simple title of a fable.

A Safer Community

There’s a classroom at St. Clair College that is not like the others. Suite 3304, located on the third floor of the...

Look Who’s Cooking At Home

Readily admitting “I love to eat but I’m not someone who was gifted with the joy of cooking or really even any skill...

The Bike Boom

In the last few months, swarms of cyclists have taken to the streets, taking advantage of the summer weather to enjoy...

Probing Spirit

fatherhood, family, the nature of life and the role of faith in it.

Leah Harris

Life for Windsor-born singer/songwriter, Leah Harris is a whirlwind but you wouldn’t know that from her relaxed manner.

Living Longer

Meet Tesko Chaganti, who made waves during his Grade 9 year at Vincent Massey by running thousands of simulations to...

A Dream Come True

“It’s all about capturing stories,” Krystle states. “Things like rundown barns and old farm equipment, to me, have a...

Creating a Lasting Legacy in Your Community

With over 85,000 non-profits and donations totalling over $15 billion, philanthropy is a big business in Canada...

Let Yourself Shine

Tera Gillen-Petrozzi’s Big Brother Canada audition tape sums it all up: “My name is Tera. I’m 37. I’m from LaSalle...

Journey to India

Edging their way toward the holy Ganges River in northern India, two Windsor couples were caught up in an endless...

Chantel Budinsky

Before 2019, Chantel Budinsky had never heard of disc golf. Now, she’s on her way to making it pro.

Innovative Community

“My older brother took the Biomedical Engineering Technology program as well,” Bryce explains. “I used to look over his...

Merry and Bright

Brilliant Festive Holiday Displays

Family Bond

There are few things more powerful than the bond between family members. Well, other than a 496 Chevy Big Brock crate...

N. Glenn Perrett

New Book Provides a Comprehensive Look at our Province’s Greatest Natural Resources Story by Michael SeguinPhotography...

Local Memoir A Surprise Hit

David Garlick’s memoir, The Principal Chronicles, is more than the story of his years as a Windsor secondary school...

What’s Past is Prologue

There is a phenomenon in the Town of Tecumseh that is reasonably new: rush hour. 

Optimistic For The Future

Perhaps no one was in a more vulnerable position when the COVID-19 pandemic entered our community than the residents in...

Bassam Mnaymneh

On Thursday, September 19th, the sky above Windsor began to roar. From a distance, they look like swans. The planes...

Making Dreams Come True

Patti France was first hired at St. Clair College in April 1987. Since then, she’s been witness to countless seismic...

From the Street to the Screen

Seated in a Windsor Police cruiser one Sunday morning, completing paperwork, police constable Joel Lacoursiere thought...

The Show Must Go On

If there is one thing the global pandemic, and subsequent lockdown, has taught the world, it’s the importance of our...

Albert Douglas

Albert Douglas is a 16-year-old entrepreneur at Vincent Massey Secondary School. He’s also the sole Owner of Benchmark...

The Kingsville Military Museum

A Group of Volunteers In Kingsville Are Doing Their Part To Ensure The Military Service of Essex County Residents Is...

Soaring to New Heights

Model rocketry has been a fad that really began to take off in the 1950s and is credited with helping get generations of wide-eyed gleeful children into the science and engineering fields. 

Leah Harris

Life for Windsor-born singer/songwriter, Leah Harris is a whirlwind but you wouldn’t know that from her relaxed manner.

Determined Transformation

When Mara Hall looked out the window of her Leamington farmhouse, she didn’t see a barn on the other side of the driveway—she saw a home.

Shooting Star

In his new single Shooting Star, Mike Cerveni taps into the raw emotion of missing someone.

Brink of Extinction

“In 2019 it was kind of a shock because we only found one Massasauga in that year."

Gas of Tank

“The sounds of a jail brawl are unique in nature…”