Breaking Echoes

“I had always wanted my own studio,” Chase states. “But, when I was 15, studio time was very expensive. So, I heard...

The Rock of Gibraltar

Some places capture our imagination. Some places are so jaw-dropping, so awe-inspiring, that they demand an explanation.

Look Who’s Cooking At Home

Long-time radio host Lynn Martin engages with a lot of people in their homes and businesses. In her own home, she loves...

Beach Grove Golf & Country Club Centennial: Today

“The fact that this business has existed for one hundred years is truly amazing,” says Aidan Blunt, General Manager of...

Dream Reapers

Karmic Malice Comics, a local publishing company, has just released the first issue of their debut title: Dream Reapers.

Look Who’s Cooking At Home

In the Liviero home, “Sunday is Pizza Day,” says John, owner of Sooter’s Photography. He and his wife, Anita, fire up...

N. Glenn Perrett

New Book Provides a Comprehensive Look at our Province’s Greatest Natural Resources Story by Michael SeguinPhotography...

Alison Schumacher

When asked to describe the sensation of figure skating, Alison Schumacher sparkles. “It’s indescribable,” Alison admits...

Chris Taylor

Creating music has always been the lifelong passion of Chris Taylor, the President of Music Global at Entertainment One...

Boys vs Girls

Windsor, one could argue, is a city of misconceptions. One of the most common being that it is not a fertile community...

Turning a Dream into Reality

In 2019, a Riverside resident saw an empty riverfront lot and had a vision: her dream home. 

Local Live Theatre Matters!

Korda Artistic Productions—a home-grown theatre company dedicated to offering extraordinary live shows that are...

Beach Grove Golf & Country Club Centennial: Modern Times

A rumor persists that mobster, Al Capone, visited Beach Grove and possibly stayed the night in one of the rooms...

It Happened In Windsor

Long before the world heard of COVID-19, Windsor historian, filmmaker, and archivist, Michael Evans, took nostalgia to...

Be The Best Bee You Can Be

“I want to feel connected, authentically not electronically. I feel suffocated by my insecurities, as the hunger of...

Doing Our Part

An Essex County Facebook group, dedicated to the preservation of monarch butterflies, has found an easy, enjoyable way...

Rising From The Ashes

The City of Windsor hosts the 2022 CAN-AM Police Fire Games July 25 to 31.

Jeff Lemire Revisits Essex County

In March graphic novelist, Jeff Lemire, went home again—to Essex County.

Adventure Tourism

Returning from safari in South Africa with their digital memory cards filled with images of elephants, giraffes and...


A Mediterranean Dream

Modern Lake Retreat

Looking at a waterfront lot, the homeowners contacted an architect to see what could be built.

The Gift of Family

In September 2020, newlyweds Chantelle and Terrence Hurst opened their hearts to six orphaned siblings ranging in age...

The Mark of Excellence

“I bring leadership,” he says when asked about the tools he brings to the Spitfires. “The players know I’ve been...

Taking Future Generations of Science to the Next Level

For as long as she can remember, Sohila Kaur Sidhu wanted to become a doctor.

What’s Past is Prologue

There is a phenomenon in the Town of Tecumseh that is reasonably new: rush hour. 

Soaring to New Heights

Model rocketry has been a fad that really began to take off in the 1950s and is credited with helping get generations...

Walk Off The Earth

Hoping to attract a little attention for their Burlington-based band, a blonde woman flanked by four dark-haired men...

The Power of Choice

Nour Hachem-Fawaz didn’t go from grassroots to award winning national not-for-profit president and founder overnight...

The Soulshakers

‘The Soulshakers’….an energetic party band that grew out of brotherly love! The year was 1996. Brothers Tony and Carmen...

The Kilominator

Seven o’clock Sunday morning, September 6, riding my bike down the empty expanse of Howard Avenue—from its termination...

The Rock of Gibraltar

Some places capture our imagination. Some places are so jaw-dropping, so awe-inspiring, that they demand an explanation.

A Contemporary Paradise

With a canvas of almost 20,000 square feet to work with—minus house and pool house—a true work of art had to be conjured to transform a sprawling space.

A National Treasure

One of the first things travelers see crossing the Ambassador Bridge into Canada are her majestic pale green spires ascending into the sky.

Hidden History

“One person’s trash is another person’s treasure” is certainly true when it comes to the hidden history lying on the bed of the Detroit River.

Josh Bourke

“I didn’t grow up playing football,” Josh admits. “Back then, in Windsor, there wasn’t great exposure for the sport. At least not for youth leagues.”