Community Events

  • 2017ProbertRide-thumb2017 Annual
    Probert Ride  

    June 25th, 2017
    Photos by Gord Gray

    2017TweedRide-thumb2017 Windsor
    Tweed Ride  

    May 13th, 2017
    Photos by Jim Baillie

    2017CincoDeMayo-thumbCinco De Mayo
    Hosted by T2B & Scotiabank  

    May 5th, 2017
    Photos Courtesy T2B

    Gala XX  

    January 28th, 2017
    Photos Courtesy T2B

    ComiCon 2016  

    October 15th-16th, 2016
    Photos by Jim Baillie

    BMXjam-thumb8th Annual

    September 25th, 2016
    Photos by Jim Baillie

    TourDiViaItalia-thumb2016 Tour Di
    Via Italia  

    September 4th, 2016
    Photos by Jim Baillie

    DreamCruzFirst Annual
    Ouellette Car Cruise  

    August 19th, 2016
    Photos by Jim Baillie

    WalkervilleBuskerfest-thumb2016 Walkerville

    August 12th-14th, 2016
    Photos by Jim Baillie

    SkaterFest-thumb2016 Flight Club
    Skater Fest  

    August 6th-7th, 2016
    Photos by Dick Hildebrand


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  • The Tenors...Celebrating Christmas in Perfect Harmony


    Some of The Tenors’ best memories have been made around Christmas trees. During every holiday season with their own families in Canada. With the Obama family at the White House Christmas Tree Lighting. And this year, singing at the Rockefeller Centre Tree Lighting in New York City. “So many artists want to be on that NBC stage. It’s international, it’s something we all grew up watching, we’ve had it on our calendar and wish lists for years and it’s actually happening,” says an excited Victor Micallef, who, with fellow Canadians Fraser Walters and Clifton Murray, comprise the award-winning group.
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  • Anita Imperioli Makes Tiramisu for Her Loved Ones


    It’s in Anita Imperioli’s nature to find ways to make things better, whether it be helping local people deal with cancer or improving the tiramisu enjoyed by her family for generations. The president of In Honour of the Ones We Love, a fundraising organization that supports cancer patient care in Windsor-Essex, whips up her tiramisu to celebrate Christmas, Easter, family birthdays and coffee nights with friends. “Everybody loves it,” she says. Anita encourages people to be creative with her simple, signature dessert that even rookies in the kitchen can make.
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Windsor Life has been an integral part of our advertising budget from day one. Here at Made to Shade we have had great success with advertising in a magazine that reaches all of Windsor Essex County. We always ask our new clients how they have heard of us and 9 times out of 10 it is... “We saw your ad in Windsor Life.” We appreciate all the attention and care that goes into every ad and article. It is that attention to detail that gives us an immediate response of increased phone calls with every release of a Windsor Life issue. It is by far our best form of advertising. All of us at Made to Shade would like to thank everyone at Windsor Life Magazine for the expertise and professionalism that goes along with all the ads and articles. Windsor Life Magazine is a very successful publication that is put together by a very talented group of people. We look forward to working together for many, many more years. Thank you! 


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